Hey there, I'm Axel. Nice to meet ya!

Check out my latest work at my WORK page. If you are a person or business seeking some unique Social Media Effect, Embroidery Design, WEB and/or Vector Design or some Digital FUN component for your online pleasure or an employer looking to hire, you can get in touch with me here.
Imagecasper is dedicated to Handcrafted Stand-Out Design – Turbo Charge your Image to the Next Level TODAY!
MISSION NOTE: Mission-Gig's  are meant only for Entertainment / Fun Productions such as -
- some joke! (birthdays, bachelor's party, profile pictures, fun events, etc.);
- some cool gift idea! (on t-shirts, coffee mugs, caps or hats, wallpaper, embroidery, etc);
- some movie poster replacement! (tired to see 007...? swap James Bond's face with your or your friends facial image, etc).
Professional & Realistic Image Manipulation Service for Photographers and Creatives starting US$ 20.00 per Photograph.
Photo & Image Art Manipulation
Turn your pictures into Digital Work of Art starting at US$ 20.00 only! No matter what image manipulation you need: face or head replacement, creative digital drawing or surreal photo (Background) manipulation, I will help you within 2-3 working days.

Other Services on Offer
Removal, Replacing or Adding from People or Objects, Change of Image Background, Removing of Imperfections such as Blemishes or Face Wrinkles, Effects Adding, Converting Images into  Oil Paint, Sketches or even Cartoon Characters, Complex Image Coloring, Vintage, Blending or Stylization Effects, etc.
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